Company Information

Brian Fulford has been actively participating in the commercial real estate industry since 1996. He specializes in working with property owners and tenants throughout the Twin Cities metro area and Minnesota.

Judd Commercial Properties specializes in the sale and leasing of commercial properties within the Twin Cities metropolitan area and Minnesota. Call Brian Fulford to discuss any issue related to commercial real estate; from property values and best use scenarios to lease rates in any given markets. Brian has the experience to guide you in the right direction and help you along the way.

Judd Commercial is connected to the same computer networks and listing services as the nation's largest firms. This is not simply local marketing, or national marketing for that matter. This is an international marketing arena. The playing field has been leveled for everyone in this business. So, the most important aspect in selecting a commercial real estate broker isn't the size of the company, but rather it is your own individual comfort and trust levels with your broker. The difference is personalized service, attention to detail and reliability. Because Brian does not have “quotas” to meet, like most agents at larger firms, he is then free to spend all the time necessary to complete the transaction from start to finish…and beyond. And he does.

Whether a client needs to lease 1,000 SF of office space or purchase 450,000 SF of warehouse space, Brian takes every potential transaction just as seriously and treats every client with equal respect and importance.